Night Bartender

For you new bartenders, the night shift can be harder and you might be staying up late. But this is when tips are usually the best. Here is a check off sheet to help you close the bar down.

1. Check bathrooms and refill any necessary products.

2. Replace any missing items

3. Put clean, unfolded napkins in popcorn basket

4.Keep temperature at a comfortable level when guests are there

5. Music level reasonable

6. Change empty kegs

7. Replace any missing cirarette cartons

8. At end of shift, salvage elftover good friut and put in backup containers. Empty and wash trays.

9. Burn ice in ice bins. Wipe all over with clean damp towel

10. Scrub all metal areas around sinks with Barkeepers Friend, rinse with pitchers of water

11. Soak bar mats, glass brushes, dump tray, jager spill tray, popcorn scoop, ice scoops, etc in sanitizing solution.

12. Windex bartop, tables, patio tables, pool shelf, and popcorn area.

13. Wipe down all coolers, counter tops, stainless steel surfaces.

14. Remove any bottle caps, debris from floor drains, scrub with brush and easy rinse.

15. Pull bar mats out back, hose down both sides, hang from hooks to dry, leave outside overnight

16. Run a large pitcher of sanitizer solution down draft spill tray. Dettach tray, wash tray and gates with Barkeeper’s Friend

17. Rinse beer taps, handles and tower area with sanitizer solution, Dip faucets into solution and cap off.


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