The Proper Way to Pour a Draft Beer

Pouring beer from the tap can sometimes be difficult. It is definitely something you learn as you go. Here are a few tips to help you start pouring:

Beer facets should be either open or closed. Opening partially or slowly with cause foam. Grab the tab knob at the bottom by placing a couple fingers behind the lever with the thumb in front. Place a glass at a 45 degree angle but without contact with the spout. Open the faucet and allow it hit the inside of the glass, approximately one inch from the top.  Always look at the beer flow. If it looks foamy or spiting out beer, you might need to change the keg. If there is just extra foam, dump the foam out and try again. As the glass fills, slowly move the glass vertically, until it is completely full. There should be about 3/4 inch of foam. Then you are ready to serve. Make sure there are no bubbles and no bubbles sticking to the glass. This could mean the glass is not fully clean, has soap or film. Do the carbonated water test. Pour soda water into a beer glass, If the any bubbles cling to the glass, this would be sign of film present. Ice coating the inside wall of the glass also, makes dispensing very difficult, resulting in significant waste, and flat beer.


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